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YONEX SHB-01MX Heren Badminton Schoenen

YONEX SHB-01MX Heren Badminton Schoenen

A shoe built for stability, this offers fantastic durability, also, and features a Quattro Fit. The upper is made from PU leather to enhance this.Shock absorbing YONEX Power Cushion inserts are positioned in the heel and sole of the shoe to maximise your performance and reduce fatigue; keeping you fresher for longer.The Round Sole provides a feeling of natural comfort underfoot while maximising the transfer of body energy into movements around the court. Positioned at the side and heel to prevent landing on an uneven edge, the Round Sole provides what top players look for in badminton shoes: design features that support quick and smooth footwork.The 3D Graphite Sheet sole plate provides high stability and it cushions impact on landing.In addition to providing the performance advantage of instant resilience that minimises shock, the Power Cushion MC insole construction is technology that puts more power into your footwork. The Yonex construction extends support inside the shoe to check side-to-side movement. With no lateral movement to diminish power, more speed and more power are transferred into your movements.Created for agile and stable footwork, the Hexagrip pattern is made from a newly-developed material that provides 3% more gripping power and is 20% lighter than an ordinary material.The Lateral Claw design provides greater stability to support quick movements in to your next step. This is achieved by stabilising the sides of the foot to prevent lateral movement on landing, so more power is transferred into the next step.


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